CCAS Monthly Time Report


This program uses information you input into your Google calendar to populate your monthly time report.
  • The top four fields on the form simply get written into cells on the excel file the program creates.
  • The e-mail and password are required to access your Google Calendar events. If you have many accounts with Google Calendar, make sure you input the one that contains your work calendar. If the login information provided isn't accepted, the page will let you know and ask you to try again.
  • You can generate a report for any month that you select.
Once you have filled in all fields, hit submit, and your browser will generate and save your timesheet as a file.

How to up your Google Calendar so that this program automatically populates your monthly time report requires:
  1. All work-related events must be titled "Work". Beyond that, you can add anything you like, or nothing at all. It can be titled "Work @ Clemente 2-4 p.m. for tutoring", or it can just be "WORK".
  2. All leave absences must be created as an event, with the title corresponding to the proper Leave Code on the timesheet. For example, a vacation day must be titled "VPH". Unlike "Work", Leave absensces cannot have a title of anything besides the 3 letter leave code.
  3. Repeating events cannot be read by the program. It is recommended you never use repeating events.